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In a market where the services do not reach the highest quality, but you pay top dollar, we strongly believe that we all need a new approach. Look at it from a different perspective. Top language services can have the right price. And the relation with the clients should be one of partnership and mutual trust.

We are a young team, eager to work, and our most important ally is the experience we have in linguistic services. Our team members are professionals who work in translation, interpreting or foreign language training.


Our specialists work in the language field for 5 up to 20 years. A century of experience, as we like to say.

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Time is precious. That is why we do not waste it. Neither ours, nor our partners’.



Sometimes, the road might be rough. But a trustworthy partner will ease your journey.

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The world has turned into a large market. Today, the assessment of foreign languages is a must.

We offer personalized services for each client, depending on their specific needs: from the evaluation of the entire company’s personnel, to only a certain department or only a group. The linguistic testing results are expressed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language [A1 (beginner) to C2 (excellent)].

We provide you with a detailed report which states each candidate's linguistic capabilities. The testing consists in sustaining both an oral and a written examination. The candidate will need to show personal abilities of understanding an oral speech as well as a written text, fluency in communication, ability to sustain an oral speech and expressing abilities in writing.

Do you need translation, certified translation or maybe notarized translation? Just let us know how we can help you!

Our linguistic team is formed only by professionals who hold a university degree in philology, being authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice or linguists who obtained their linguistic degree from the Romanian Ministry of Culture. Our translators work in the language field for five up to twenty years.

We are always ready to work in agile mode and at the highest quality so that you can have the necessary documents for your next successful business. At the same time, one of our priorities is to ensure that all the translated materials are stored in secure conditions which follow the international standards of strict confidentiality.

A top interpreter makes the difference between a successful business and a failure.

Linguistic boundaries are no longer a barrier. And the success of your business meetings, auctions, conferences or summits depends on the quality of the message provided by the interpreter. Having many years of linguistic work experience behind, Weword interpreters are authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. They represent the safety of conveying the highest quality message.

Whether you need an interpreter for a world-wide known foreign language, for an Asian language or for any other language from Weword's portfolio, our interpreters are ready to provide simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or chouchotage both in Romania or abroad.

In a dynamic world, we help you keep up with changes.

You can improve your English, French, German or make the first steps in learning an Asian language. We organize individual or group courses at our company headquarters based on a timetable which both the participants and we agree on. During such courses, you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in general or specialized domains like business, technical or medical.

Top trainers will make sure that your time spent here is both relaxing and linguistically productive. Courses are taught in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese. Also, our trainers' double major in linguistics facilitates learning Romanian language too.

Convey a clear, correct message and save time and money by avoiding additional costs.

Due to our experienced professionals in linguistic review, you make sure that the text you want to publish or print complies with all the rules and conventions related to language. They review, where necessary, any error related to spelling, grammar, punctuation, lexicon or semantics.

Thus, you avoid sending a distorted or incorrect message that could affect your company's image. In addition, you save money especially for printed materials, merely because through proofreading you make sure that you do not have to print the materials again.

Movies, cartoons, presentations of products or services, advertisements, conferences, documentaries, TV programs, shows and more.

Subtitles are a combination of translation and consecutive interpreting. Their difficulty is our challenge. Besides the number of characters' limitation, the cultural differences and language barriers are another impediment in achieving professional subtitles.

However, based on strong knowledge and years of experience, Weword specialists and technicians are always ready to help, turning every problem into a solution. Whether you already have the script of your video or audio documents, or you simply have the materials in digital format, we can create the highest quality subtitles.


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We always deliver on time. We know how precious time is and we respect this.



A true partnership is based on dialogue and mutual respect. This is what we offer and what we expect.



We are a team of language professionals. We work with both local and international customers.



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Starting with March 1st you will find us at Șoseaua Nicolae Titulescu nr 48.


0726 494 060


Street Nicolae Titulescu nr 48, etaj 3, biroul 09, sector 1, Bucuresti.